All Weather Training Slots 2016 – 2017

The allocations for the all weather pitch have been finalised and are effective from  Monday the 26th of September. Where possible teams have been allocated the days and times or the nearest available slots that they have requested. Teams are advised to adopt a common sense approach to ensure that everyone gets the maximum value for the time & space allocated. The appropriate footwear must be worn at all times on the all weather pitch. Anyone looking to get on early or run on later should agree in advance with the manager of the relevant slot.When using 5 a side goals managers should when possible place same in positions that reduces the likelihood of balls travelling into adjacent training areas. If managers are not using an allocated space  on a particular night they should inform managers in adjacent spaces who can avail of the additional space. When available teams can extend slots if space is free preceding or following their allocated times. All teams should ensure that they are finished at the end of the allocated times. Cool downs or stretching can be completed outside of the pitch.

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